7 Songs To Listen To On Valentine’s Day

Can you believe we are almost half way through February!? I can’t! Well I put together a short little playlist of a few songs that have me thinking about falling in love but still make me feel pretty upbeat. You can view the Playlist on Spotify here (except This Love, see iTunes for that).


Marco Bicego Visits Saks

He brought along a few of his one of a kind pieces and this ring was one of them! 
Marco and I 
In love with this style (above and below)
I was lucky enough to meet jewelry designer Marco Biegeo at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston a while back. I didn’t start accessorizing with jewelry until a few years ago and though I hadn’t know much about his work until meeting him, I’m totally hooked! If you were to stop by Saks in Boson, his jewelry is displayed by the door to the mall nearest the clothes, away from the handbags. When the jewelry is inside those cases vs in your hand on up against a piece of clothing, it’s so different. It’s absolutely stunning when worn, though it’s a lot out of my budget right now, they are investment pieces that I would definitely consider in the future. 
Here are a few of my favorites from what’s on the site now: 
Thank you to Saks Boston for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own, Saks Boston is located inside the Prudential mall at 800 Boylston Street in Back Bay. 

I’m Ice Cream Crushin’

I recently tried Scoopsies’ Lavender Honey Ice Cream and it was delicious. Scoopsies is a delivery only service to the Greater Boston Area and if you aren’t located in her delivery areas, you can reach out to arrange a meeting! Chloe met me outside of Porter square on my way home from work and I got my pint. The story of how the brand came about is really interesting, I had a

Typically Tali: How did you get started with making ice cream / decide to start selling it?
Chloe Jankowitz: I started making ice cream in 2012 just as a hobby. I just thought it seemed so cool to be able to make your own flavors. I launched”100 Scoopsies” a few months later (my challenge to make 100 ice cream flavors in 365 days), and people kept asking me where they could find my ice cream. So I turned Scoopsies into a full-fledged craft ice cream brand!

TT: Do you have any core flavors that will always be around, or will you be rotating all of them by season!?
CJ: Both, actually! My most popular flavors are up in the shop pretty regularly. S’moresies, Turkish Coffee, and Sea Salted Caramel to name a few. I also make new flavors every few days, so I’m always mixing it up for the shop.

TT: Did you make your own recipe for each new flavor? 
CJ: Yep! This is really important to me. I only use recipes that are my own. I start by making a small batch of each flavor and once I get it down, I make bigger batches for the delivery shop!

TT: What inspires to you make a flavor like sweet pea, or a flavor that it’s the typical chocolate or vanilla that we are used to? 
CJ: I pretty much go by “the weirder the better.” I always want to try working with ingredients that you don’t usually see in ice cream flavors. I don’t see much of a point in making a flavor that everybody’s tried before unless I can put my own spin on it. So whenever I come across a unique ingredient, I have to consider using it in one of my flavors!

TT: Are there any ice cream brands that inspire you?
CJ: I love ice cream brands that make their ice cream completely from scratch, and brands that really step outside of the box for their flavors. Right now I’m most inspired by Hay Rosie (in Brooklyn), Salt & Straw (based out of Portland, Oregon), and Parfait (in Seattle).

TT: Is there a delivery fee? 
CJ: There’s no delivery fee, actually!

TT: What made you decide to deliver rather than ship? 
CJ: There’s something about meeting the customers face-to-face that I LOVE. Even with quick ten-second drop-offs, I feel like it personalizes the entire experience. Scoopsies is a community brand and having those interactions really enhances the overall bond.

TT: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? 
CJ: My favorite Scoopsies flavor is Anise & Orange Zest and my favorite ice cream flavor in general is Black Raspberry! :)

TT: What’s your favorite memory related to ice cream?! 
CJ: I worked at J.P. Licks for a few summers during college. We would lock up after our last customers for the night and inevitably a few late customers would knock on the door. I distinctly remember this one guy who would come with his two daughters almost every night and order the same thing (vanilla froyo with fruit medley topping — LOL). He came one night after we locked the door and I just had to let him in. He was SO happy. I gave them all free ice cream and told them to order whatever they wanted. It was just so easy to make their night, so why not do it? They were so psyched.
That memory kind of stuck with me. It’s reactions like that that made me want to make ice cream and start my own brand.
A big thank you to Scoopsies for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. 

Weekend Merriment

This week went by surprisingly fast. We were joined by one of the coldest days of 4 years in Boston, that I was so glad to have brought a lunch that day because I didn’t leave. We also got a little bit of snow and a few train delays. But nevertheless it was a good week filled with meeting a new friend and catching up with old ones that were passing through town. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend cozying up under blankets and a few moments outside for errands! I hope you have a great one!

1. 1989 // I bought it last weekend and it was the best decision ever! I love Taylor Swift but her albums just keep getting better and better. This one is so relatable and I pretty much listened to it on repeat all week. My favorites are Style, Out of the Woods and I Wish You Would. Seriously obsessed.

2. The Kitchn // I’ve been spending a lot of time on this site hunting for lunch friendly recipes that I can make in advance and will still taste good and relatively fresh! Learning to cook is quickly becoming my favorite activity.

3. Cashmere // The winter reminds me how important basics are in my closet. Because when I get up in the morning getting dressed into something cute is increasingly more challenging. Since my only two concerns are being warm and comfortable. So I’ve been thinking a lot about these cashmere sweaters and how I would love to fill my closet with them to make wintertime work wear cute and comfortable!

4. Simple Necklace // My sickness the past few weeks has prevented me from wearing any big statement earrings or necklaces. They have felt too heavy on my head so my body has been rejecting them. Thank goodness for this dainty piece to get me through, so I can have a cold and still be stylish.

*image via

This Week’s Batch: Spinach Lasanga

As you know one of my new years resolutions is to pay off my student loans, I’ve been in a money saving mode. Anything aside from transportation + food is out of the question aka no shopping and lots of budgeting. I really struggle with budgeting so I’m hoping this resolution will help. I really need to learn how to not spend money on whim and keep more of it! 
So for food, I’ve decided to make my a batch of something over the weekend to bring to work. This week’s batch: Spinach Lasagna.

This was the first lasagna I’ve ever made on my own – well I had a little help from my mom and 3 different receipes. Turns out there is no Spinach Lasagna recipe out there for beginners! I.e. how to cook the spinach and sharing that you have to mix it in with the cheese and then the sauce – how to make it if you aren’t adding meat! So needless to say what began as a soothing Sunday afternoon cooking activity turned into a confused mess of trying to figure everything out! But I managed, thanks to my mom’s vintage cooking book from the 80’s! It’s the most beautiful cookbook ever and it’s called The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest, I had a hard time sharing that because it’s so special.

For the Lasanga construction, I used the kitchn’s reciepe and I used a their base for the red sauce plus a few things my mom suggested I add in (red wine, oregano, salt, pepper, agave and let it took for 30 minutes). She said don’t be afraid of seasoning!

What was the first dish you’ve ever cooked? Did it turn out well!?