April 16, 2014

Inspire Series #7

This weeks inspire series is about trusting yourself. As things change post-grad, you'll never want to lose who you are and the best way to do that is to trust your gut. Things are going well for me and I hope they are for you too! 

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April 14, 2014

Under $40: 10 Must Have Studs

I believe that you can never have enough studs in your jewelry collection. These are all really fun but if you did want to limit your collection to include only 10 studs, these would be me my suggestions. 

You should have 3 classic pairs (1 set of pearls, 1 set of diamond like ones, 1 set of simple silver)

1 animal pair (owls shown here) 

4 seasonal pairs (whether these are flowers, brightly colored studs or maritime themed) 

2 mystery = these are from the summer line and will be revealed in the first week of May (check back soon)! 

Which one's your favorite? 

2 // Crystal Square Studs (#1 best seller) $22

3 // Owl Studs $22

4 // Seascape Studs $24 

5 // Maritime Knot + Anchor Studs $22 (#1 best seller - I predict that these will sell out come summertime. So if you like them, now's the time!)

6 // Spot reserved for the Chloe + Isabel summer line (launching early May)!  

8 // Spot reserved for the Chloe + Isabel summer line (launching early May)!  

9 // Limited Edition Terrace Bloom Coral Studs  (going fast! top seller) (2 pairs) $28 

April 11, 2014


1. Your first job will most likely not be your dream job. 
2. It's okay to move back home.
3. Save, save, save money. 
4. Keep applying even you won't hear back from 90% of the jobs.
5. Go to every interview you get, even if you aren't sure if you want that job. 
6. Don't take an unpaid internship. Let's be realistic here...can you really afford it? 
7. You should have more than 1 resume - cater them to each job 
8. Always submit a cover letter. So take the extra time and tell them why you are applying. Especially if you don't have any direct correlations to the job you are applying too. You will stand out from everyone that doesn't submit a cover letter. 
9. Go out and have fun with your friends. 
10. Don't be afraid to go to networking events! 
11. Develop an elevator pitch for what you want your job/career to be and master it. 
12. Share your elevator pitch with everybody. 
13. Nurture your connections. Email to see how they are doing/any open positions/tell them how you are doing (not everyday). 
14. Always bring a copy of your resume and a pad of paper/pen to take notes at an interview. 
15. It's okay to volunteer your time. Just don't commit on the regular, you need to make money too. 
16. Use LinkedIn. 
17. Keep your LinkedIn updated and fill it all out. 
18. Think about what you post on Twitter + Instagram (especially if they are public). 
19. Buy a suit. 
20. Pay for your clothes to be dry cleaned - it's so worth it. 
21. Take some time off to travel. It's okay. 
22. Figure out what you want to do with your life and enjoy ever step of it. 
23. Don't be afraid to feel defeated at times, how can we really know what we want to do at such a young age? 
24. Ask for advice. Talk to people in a few of your desired careers. Find out how they knew that was what they wanted to do. 
25. Set goals for yourself and strive for them. 
26. Don't be afraid to fall and fail, it's okay. 
27. Laugh a lot. 
28. This is the time to get to know yourself even better than while you were in college. 
29. Let yourself cry. 
30. Spend a night in with your friends.
31. Find a money managing system that works best for you. 
32. Don't stop doing what you love.
33. Trust yourself. 
34. Get up early and enjoy the morning before everyone wakes up (it can be so peaceful).
35. Be poised. 
36. Say thank you. 
37. Support your friends during their journey and they'll support you. 
38. Sleep in sometimes. 
39. Take risks. 
40. Figure out a way to make money while you don't have the job you want/job hunting. 
41. Meet people! 
42. Be kind.
43. Enjoy the little things.
44. Don't hold grudges.
45. It's okay to not be sure about what you want to do.
46. Invest in good quality business cards.
47. Have confidence in yourself and skills.
48. Treat yourself every now and then.
49. Trust that things will work out. 
50. Step outside your comfort zone.

image 1/2. text added by me in Photoshop.

April 8, 2014

Suits For Play

I love the idea of a twist on a classic suit. Here are a few of my favorite suits for play.

*These suits are all from ASOS, though this post was not sponsored by them, I just loved them and wanted to share! xo