October 31, 2014

Best day of the week #friday Fri-Yay #TGIF www.dormify.com

Happy Halloween! If you commute via public transportation, Boston was full of tricks not treats today with delays on delays. But regardless of today, I had a pretty good week filled with friend time and a craft project (which I haven't done it so long). I hope you have a great and safe holiday.

1. Some of Harvard might be haunted. Ohhh spooky!

2. Three Simple Steps in Creating Your Brand.  I think personal branding is crucial in the job market these days. It's such a good way for you to stand out in a sea of other young professionals by creating a brand, a blog and using social media to really capture that brand. This is Chelsea's tips to defining your brand pre-launch.

3. Remember Brittany Maynard? The girl who decided to die with dignity on November 1st. Well she took some time to reflect and decided that she doesn't feel sick enough to take her own life yet. This is a new video and article that share her change of heart for not choosing to die tomorrow.

4. Dream House. This is gorgeous, too bad the text is in Swedish (google translator?), but seriously that kitchen - omg.

5. Happy Halloween On Twitter. Cannot wait to watch this feed throughout the weekend and see all the creative costumes. Seriously my favorite time of year on the web. 

October 30, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I like dressing up, seeing what Halloween costumes are trending both on the web and in my area. But when it comes to my own costume, I almost always fall short. Perhaps it's that my expectations for costumes is rather high, if I can't be something epic then I end up settling. But this year, it's different - I have a costume in mind (but haven't put it all together yet), but I've been looking forward to this costume for years and I cannot wait to share it. So if you still don't have a costume, here are a few sites that have come up with some creative DIY's!
20 Free Halloween Printables

1. Cosmo's Easy DIY Costumes (I like the State Farm Grandma, the Minon and Mary Poppins)

2. Pop Sugar's Cheap Homemade costumes 

3. Halloween costumes for Lazy people

October 29, 2014

Spotify Playlists

I was first introduced to Spotify as a junior in college and I didn't know anything about it. I remember my roommate's friend strongly critizizing me for not playing music through Spotify. She was like "You don't have Spotify?!" and sounded pretty upset and shocked!

A couple days later, I downloaded it and fell in love. But it wasn't until this year, that I started discovering their playlists. Though I like to make my own playlists and play songs on repeat for hours on end (I'm serious), but I like seeing how Spotify puts music together to create a chilled out vide, pick me up playlist or the best classics. 

This post was not sponsored by Spotify, I'm just ridiculously excited and think everyone should know about their playlists. 

October 28, 2014

ipad vs. Kindle for Commuting

Bringing a book along with me on my commute into the city doesn't bother me, but I like the idea of having more than one option with me. I'm currently reading, Not That Kind of Girl, and though I thoroughly enjoy it, there are parts that are a bit too heavy for a 7am commuting-read. So I like both an iPad and a Kindle as a reader option but can't seem to decide the best device for my lifestyle. I'll be doing a bit of comparison/research over the next few months and would really love your feedback until I come to a final verdict because as of right now, I'm undecided.